My original mother tongue is (American) English, but I have lived and worked in Sweden since 1964. (With the exception of 2*2 yrs in Tanzania, so I also know Swahili.) So my major working language has been Swedish (with some English style aberrations). I have no problem with producing work in English about my interests:

  • Distance education,
  • Alternatives in Health especially stress reduction with FasterEFT, whole food
  • Alternatives in Energy and Technology (like energy efficient wood stoves, solar panel systems)
  • Alternatives in Agriculture
  • General computing and Internet problems.

Many of these things can be addressed through the Internet.

  • information distribution- text, sound, video
  • Live meeting through Skype etc for coaching in Health and whatever
  • computer support where I can help you on your computer remotely through the Internet with various tools.
If you would like to get this site translated to English, Googles Tranlate service can do a good (though far from perfect!) job. This link might work: http://translate.google.se/

You can contact med by telephone +46 70 35 80 306  and sometimes through Skype jeff_forssell (or FaceBook Messenger or Zoom or other platforms) or email me with the form below.  (What you write there will not stay on this page. It is sent to me as an e-mail)

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