Autotranslated YouTube Subtitles

You can learn a lot on YouTube. Sometimes there are videos in another language that you don’t know. In that case subtitles can be a lifesaver. I have made a series of videos that show some ways to make it easier to follow YouTube videos:

  • turn on subtitles, even called CC, closed captions
  • change the playback speed (slow down to follow easier, speed up if in a hurry)
  • enlarge the video
  • have YouTube autotranslate an existing subtitle into any of 25 different common languages

here is a playlist for this series of videos.

The same series, but in Swedish, and also includes some about using in an Android moble YouTube app.

I have worked quite a bit with making and editing  and troubleshooting YouTube subtitles for a big channel. If you have a business or organization with an international target, I can help you with subtitling your  videos.

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