Ultraljud säker?

Jag hoppas det, då det har blivit standard undersökning under havandeskap. Jag har också haft en lever ultraljudsundersökning.

Man får komma ihåg att röntgen undersökning har varit en ”säker” metod under havandeskap, men räknas inte så nu.

Från   Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound  :

”According to Jim West, who has compiled the largest bibliography of human ultrasound studies: “Unknown to Western scientists, the hazards of ultrasound have been confirmed in China since the late 1980s, where thousands of women, volunteering for abortion, thousands of maternal-fetal pairs, were exposed to carefully controlled diagnostic ultrasound and the abortive matter then analyzed via laboratory techniques.” Involving 100 scientists and 2700 mother-fetal pairs, the data from approximately 65 studies do not appear on the NIH’s Pubmed, but can be found on Chinese databases. The studies employed electron microscopy, flow cytometry, and various biochemical analysis (immuno- and histo-) with results compared against those of sham-exposed pregnant women (exposed at zero intensity). Assessing brain, kidney, cornea, chorionic villi, and the immune system, researchers determined the amount of ultrasound exposure required to produce damage to the human fetus to be very low. Jim West cites Professor

Ruo Feng of The Institute of Acoustics, Nanjing University, and editor of The Chinese Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, and member of the World Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology: “Ruo Feng, who reviewed many of the studies, stipulated that routine ultrasound be avoided. Only if there were exceptional medical indications should ultrasound be allowed, and at minimum intensity. Sessions should be very brief, no more than 3 minutes, 5 minutes at most. Multiple sessions should be avoided because hazards are cumulative. Human studies had found sensitive organs damaged at 1 minute exposure.”

Jag har inte kollat ursprungskällorna, men tänkte lagra detta för vidare undersökning.