My original mother tongue is (American) English, but I have lived and worked in Sweden since 1964. (With the exception of 2*2 yrs in Tanzania, so I also know Swahili.) So my major working language has been Swedish (with some English style aberrations). I have no problem with producing work in English about my interests:

  • Distance education,
  • Alternatives in Health especially FasterEFT,
  • Alternatives in Energy and Technology
  • Alternatives in Agriculture
  • General computing and Internet problems.

Many of these things can be addressed through the Internet.

  • information distribution- text, sound, video
  • Live meeting through Skype etc for coaching in Health and whatever
  • computer support where I can help you on your computer remotely through the Internet with various tools.
If you would like to get this site translated to English, Googles Tranlate service can do a good (though far from perfect!) job. This link might work: http://translate.google.se/

You can contact med by telephone +46 70 35 80 306  and sometimes through Skype jeff_forssell or email me with the form below. (What you write there will not stay on this page. It is sent to me as an e-mail)

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